Chess in java (EN)

Gabungan: University of Thessaly (UTH)
Resolusi: Individu | Tempoh: Satu hingga dua jam

Gambaran keseluruhan


Problem published by: Zaharouli Theano This problem aims to create a chess game that you will play by two players and one of the two must win. To build this game you must use the java programming language. By solving the problem you will become familiar with the use of java, you will get new ones knowledge of it and programming.

Objektif Pembelajaran

Students who will be involved in problem solving will develop their skills in object-oriented programming, they will understand its basic concepts will learn the methodology of the java language and become familiar with the use of it. In the end of solving the problem they will be able to explain to the others students of java methods and will be able to program others like it problems.


This work is intended for computer science students who want to work with programming and more specifically with object-oriented programming. Through the solution to the problem will learn the basic concepts of object-oriented will develop their critical thinking skills and develop them their problem-solving skills through the creation of a game.