Problem-based Learning in Greece: Problems and Solutions

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    Nowadays, the technology has developed in a large scale and its applications have taken place in many fields of our daily life. Greece is a country that has been affected from this development too. This impact has taken place into communication and connection between people, economy, transportation, equipment of households etc. Last few years education is an area that owes its development in technology. However, in comparison with other countries, Greece seems to limp in the way that education is provided. To be more specific, from an early age, students learn to care only for the grades-hunting and not for the full understanding of the lessons they have been taught. Moreover, the economical situation of Greece doesn’t allow the schools and universities to be equipped with the necessary products and equipment. In this way, students don’t have the supplies to expand their knowledge and horizons and focus on the problem-based learning through actively engagement in real-world and personally meaningful projects.
    Teachers training programs are highly essential and need to be made available for all teachers responsible for moulding the minds of the next generation. They need to be able to understand the students mindset, counsel them, identify slow learners and find ways to teach them. While money alone is not the answer to all educational ills, the government must fund a larger amount to schools and colleges so that the educational system becomes better.

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