Gamify electrical engineering classes

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    Gamification is a very important process that nowadays is simple to apply in various lessons of the university.
    In electrical engineering, for example, there are lots of courses that games already exist for and can make the learning process easier and more engaging. Also, it’s very fundamental to include both pbl and gamification in the learning procedure because it creates more interest. Therefore we picked one of the many games existing nowadays that can assist in teaching electrical engineers, and that is the educational Minecraft an educational version of the very well known game.

    So what can it offer?

    Well through its chapter about logic gates the student through experimenting will learn :
    i) Four different types of logic gates.
    ii) Be able to discuss these gates.
    iii)Be able to use at least one logic gate in a working mechanism/circuit.
    iv) Understand how logic gates work in Computer Science.

    The app could be used either at home or in the class as a more creative way to learn these concepts
    and the students could start playing e.x the task that introduces the gates in Minecraft:
    i) Students will explore the Logic Gate Learning Centre World.
    ii) They will find and look at the simple gates in the spawn area.
    iii) In a group of two, they will learn about the and gate.
    The main task here is to then build a working mechanism using Redstone.

    So that’s in a short form how gamification and problem-based learning will bond and assist education.

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