A.I. and immersive PBL

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    Artificial intelligence is steadily changing society and we need to teach the fundamentals of A.I. to young students in order for them to see its application to solving problems.In order to achieve something like that we need to establish a design that promotes a merged A.I science course.With the use of A.I. we can create a really exciting learning experience and not only for elementary students but for middle-aged kids too. We need to develop an A.I. based series of courses with an immersive learνing environment that will familiarize students with A.I. projects like robotics, machine learning and A.I. ethics.
    Based on their age they will use A.I. tools to solve problems in their engagingly constructed “adventure” as they collect data , analyze them and try to find an explanation. We should develop a way to prepare to use this kind of software within their classrooms. The teacher will need to have deep knowledge and understanding of all the tools. The teacher should be a co-designer and participant of the A.I. immersive problem based learning environment to ensure that he has a deep understanding of it.
    In conclusion, to make such a learning method up and running you need the A.I. based set of courses, the A.I. immersive problem-based learning environment and the properly trained teacher by a correctly structured tutorial.

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