Web Development and Web Interactive Apps

Affiliation: University of Thessaly
Resolution: Individual | Duration: More than four hours



The goal of this project is to learn how to design and develop a website and an interactive web applications. Through codecademy platform, the user will get to know Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for website building and Javascript for web application development.

Learning Objectives

Develop an individual's skillset related to web development. Unlocking his potential to work as an independent contractor or as a developer in the web development industry. Hard Skills: -Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) -Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) -Javascript


The project is mainly aimed at students studying computer science or computer engineering, or anyone who is interested in learning how to develop a website for buisness or personal purposes. The aim of the course, is to make the student familiar to web development through mini projects and step by step tutorials.