Development of an Agriculture monitoring System

Resolution: Group | Duration: Two to four hours



The main goal of our project is to develop a design of a low-cost Agriculture monitoring system which is affordable for large number of people as well as provide good customer support system for the devices and increase the market acceptance of these systems in Nepal and also conduct a market research on use of monitoring system as an alternative of traditional intuition based approach.

Learning Objectives

We are proposing to design and develop an agriculture monitoring system to be manufactured and marketed locally in Nepal as farmers are either using excessive resource or underusing required amount of resource. This proposal entails the background information describing the need of such a product in the local market of Nepal, the science behind monitoring system, design of the prototype, details of the manufacturing processes involved and marketing strategies.


The monitoring system used to analyze the critical parameter. Intuition of human have been used for analyzing the parameter from long time and still popular in many regions of world including Nepal. But with government focusing in modernizing the agriculture sector. We are ready to jump into next level of agriculture technologies and monitoring system being one of them. Recent research on Agri business suggested that we have huge potential of having self-sustainability in almost all agricultural product but still we are dependent on India or other third country. The reason for this being farmers using traditional farming techniques which yields less and cost more.