Viewpoints identification

Affiliation: National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
Resolution: Group | Duration: One to two hours



To enable the students to learn to pick out certain types of viewpoints from a given scenario

Learning Objectives

-to be able to recognize functional and Non-functional requirements -to be able to comprehend the difference between FRs and NFRs using a real world scenario. -to be able to identify the stakeholders -to be able to identify the viewpoints


Pick out Functional, NF, External, and Internal, external, inter-actor, domain and interactive Viewpoints. Write three Viewpoints in proper template with attached services. Requirements of a Washing Machine 1.0 Background 1.1 Studies demonstrate that there are an increasing number of single persons with relatively high disposable incomes. Their lifestyle and priorities are such that they wish to minimise domestic chores. An opportunity therefore exists for an intelligent washing machine that is capable of automating much of the current manual functionality associated with washing domestic items. 1.2 The machine will complement our existing top of the range model and there is an opportunity for the machine to be a “lifestyle statement” and it therefore must be attractive and distinctive. 1.3 The market studies indicate that there is a potential total market of 250,000 machines per annum for this sector (our share is estimated at 20% to 30%) and current spend analysis indicates a selling price in the region of £550-£650(including VAT). 2.0Technical Requirements 2.1 The machine will be of standard size(595x580x850) and take a standard 5kg load. 2.2 The machine must be easy to use and will be capable of determining the load make up and fabric characteristics and thence the best cleaning cycle. 2.3It will detect mixed loads and where necessary inform the user of extreme loads 2.4It will continually inform the user of its current status. 2.5 The machine will use domestic water and currently available detergents. 2. 6Standard single phase 230V 50Hz electricity supplies will provide the power source. 2.7 It will operate at appropriate temperatures and wash cycles most suitable for the fabric type, which are determined by the machine. 2.8The user will have the facility to check the wash cycle and override the machine decision. 2.9 The machine will wash,rinse and spin-dry (1600 rpm is desirable) the clothing as appropriate to load and type. 2.10 The average useful life of the machine is to be 7 years and first year failure rate is to be less than 10% 2.11The noise level at any point in the operational cycle shall not exceed 91.5db 2.12 Vibration levels should not exceed 0.5g rpms and 3.2g peak 2.13 The energy efficiency should be grade A 3.0Legislation 3.1The machine must conform to UK and EU safety standards.