User Story creation

Affiliation: National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
Resolution: Individual, Group
Duration: Less than an hour



To enable the students to identify user stories and sub stories for a given case.

Learning Objectives

1. Students should be able to derive functional requirements of a system. 2. Students should be able to convert functional requirements/system features into user stories. 3. Students should be able to split the user stories into sub user stories for the given case. 4. Eventually students will learn to write user stories in a standard format.


The case study given is of an automatic insulin pump. The architecture and state diagrams are provided to the students and the case was verbally explained in the class. The automatic insulin pump actually performs the blood sugar estimation of a diabetic patient and estimates the level of insulin dosage required for the patient based on the data. The needle assembly is then directed by the controller to fill up the insulin's suggested dosage and insert into the patient's body. In daily life, we do these two operations (i) blood sugar estimation, (ii) insulin injection in the body separately using two different things. For blood sugar monitoring commercially available glucometers are used and for insulin injection a normal syringe or pen is used calibrated by the patient or caregiver manually. This automatic insulin device performs both actions and reduces the manual work. There is an alarm in the device which beeps up to alert the patient about dosage injection time and a display that shows blood sugar levels, computed insulin dosage units and time.