Use of cerego in PBL

Affiliation: University of Thessaly (UTH)
Resolution: Group | Duration: More than four hours



Problem published by: Anastasis The activity aims at improving the performance of the students' memory. Students will be able to use the educational / cerego software which trains students and at the same time evaluates their performance. In addition it can provide knowledge in several disciplines such as neurology, history, anatomy, economics, etc.

Learning Objectives

Through our activity through cerego, students will obtain a variety of learning outcomes. Our main goal is that there will be more success in the exam results, the success will increase significantly since we believe that by using this program they will be able to help their memory to increase to a greater degree. Another goal of cerego is to memorize the most important information but also students will be helped to discard unnecessary information which deprives them and wastes valuable time.


Through this activity, students will be able to memorize more easily and quickly in a very easy way, the content of the anatomy lesson. More specifically, they will deal with the study at the structural level, the recording and the description of the structure of living organisms and their individual systems. The course is divided into Plant Anatomy, Animal and Human Anatomy.