Affiliation: electrical engineer
Resolution: Group | Duration: More than four hours



Our goal is to create a pretty sophisticated application to measure and control different aspects of an urban farming environment.Also,we will see what are the data we recorded from the sensors can tell us, and what actions we can take to control the environment.

Learning Objectives

1)Set up an urban farming environment. 2)Understand how relays work. 3)Understand how the moisture sensor works. 4)Create an ideal environment for a plant.


In this activity, we will turn our MKR IoT Carrier into an urban farming device! We will use the carrier’s sensors and a moisture sensor to analyze the environment for a plant, use artificial lighting and introduce relays – an electronic component used to activate high-power devices. We will be focusing on setting up a dashboard in Arduino IoT Cloud, where we can read data, and control different components.