Storyboarding Your Ideas

Affiliation: Universiti Tenaga Nasional
Resolution: Individual | Duration: Less than an hour



Working independently on your own, study the given character rig and watch the given video reference to gain ideas on how to animate the character later. Think up of a 15 to 30 second short sketch for the given character. Present your idea in not more than 10 storyboard drawing panels which illustrates the important story beats. Set the aspect ratio for the short sketch at 16x9.

Learning Objectives

One of the main objectives of this exercise is to explore the many story ideas a student can come up with in the space of one hour. These ideas will be shared in the class, from which a final story sketch can be conceived from all the many ideas from every student in the class.


This task is intended for Visual Media students who are going into Animation II and Audio Video Production. It aims to teach new visual storytellers to wildly explore ideas without inhibition or fear that their ideas will get rejected.