Solving the 8 queens puzzle

Affiliation: University of Thessaly
Resolution: Individual | Duration: Two to four hours



The 8 queens puzzle is the problem of placing 8 chess queens on an 8x8 board so that no queen is threatening each other. You must code in C/C++ to solve this problem, you will only need an editor to write your code and a gcc compiler. After the solution of such a problem you will get more familiar with tackling problems using C/C++ language and learn via problem solving, such problems encourage you to use many algorithms so it's a good chance for your brain to exercise.

Learning Objectives

One of the objectives is to get better with using C/C++ as it is an intermediate problem for C/C++ programmers as it requires advanced methods to solve it. Furthermore, such brain teasers are exciting to code and there is a chance for the solvers to get into more fun puzzles in order to hone their skills. Such algorithms are used as an example problem for various programming techniques in order to exercise them.


This is directed towards people new to coding and specifically towards new engineers that need to practice their skills in coding and must have a good understanding of how algorithms work. Also problem solving is one of the most important skills to hone for an engineer. This is targeted for programmers and engineers that seek extra work and it will give them a chance to test their current skills.