Sharecare VR

Affiliation: University of Thessaly
Resolution: Individual, Group
Duration: One to two hours



Sharecare VR allows anyone to freely navigate and explore an anatomically accurate 3D model of the human body, its organs, and their natural function. Visualize how your body works. Explore organs and systems in a fully immersive 3D environment. Customize physiology and simulate diseases. Personalize the human body to represent YOU. The unprecedented power of Sharecare VR allows customization to display diseases in varying states of severity. By adding treatments, Sharecare VR helps visualize and understand medical options.

Learning Objectives

 Define anatomy and physiology, and understand how they differ  Understand what “form follows function” means, and be able to give examples  List the levels of structural organization of the human body  Describe anatomical position. Understand that directional terms apply to the body in the anatomical position.  Be able to use anatomical directions and planes to describe body parts. Understand that directional terms are relative.  Define homeostasis and explain the importance of the maintenance of homeostasis. Be able to give examples of conditions that are regulated by homeostasis.  List the components of regulatory mechanisms and describe what they do to help maintain homeostasis  Define negative feedback regulation  Define positive feedback regulation


Sharecare VR is a real-time simulation of the human body. Provides real-time, anatomically accurate, patient specific, VR simulations to visualize medical diagnoses, illustrate the impact of procedures and treatments, and create more educated decision-making. These virtual simulations can be integrated into patients’ medical records for more compressive data capturing.Simulates real-world healthcare scenarios to more effectively and efficiently train healthcare professionals.