Nature Inspired Algorithm Project for predicting the spread of Covid-19 virus

Affiliation: Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya.
Resolution: Group | Duration: More than four hours



Learning Outcome: 1. Demonstrate familiarity with major advanced algorithms. 2. Apply advanced design and analysis techniques. 3. Apply concepts and skills to develop information system

Learning Objectives

•To investigate and familiarize with Nature Inspired algorithms o Conduct seed and fungal germination for 2 weeks o Observe the process and analyze the factors for good growth •To develop nature inspired algorithm based on the above •To visualize the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus based on the developed algorithm through an interactive visualization system


Problem is suitable for university level students: Postgraduate Project within 5 week. Undergraduate may be given 7-8 week to complete. Implement a visualization interface (preferably web-based) to visualize the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The rate and means of growth depends on Nature Inspired Algorithm based on the observation and analysis of the germination process of seeds, molds and also the COVID-19 coronavirus.