Muscle Mania

Affiliation: Instituto Politécnico do Porto
Resolution: Group
Duration: One to two hours, Two to four hours



Students learn more about how muscles work and how biomedical engineers can help keep the muscular system healthy. Following the engineering design process, they create their own biomedical device to aid in the recovery of a strained bicep.

Learning Objectives

In the end, students will be able to: - Explain how and why muscles work together in pairs. - Explain why rest is important to muscle recovery. - Explain why it is important for engineers to understand the human body and its muscular system.


To create devices that help the human body, engineers must first understand how the human body functions. With an understanding of how the muscular system functions, they design machines that aid in the muscle recovery of stroke victims, patients with muscular dystrophy, professional athletes, and anyone else with a muscular injury.