Measuring hearing abilities in the family

Resolution: Group
Duration: Two to four hours, More than four hours



To get an overview of hearing ability (disability) by means of audiograms from child, junior, mother, father, grandfather, and compare these results to the average hearing persons in relevant age intervals. To find a way to compensate the measured hearing abilities when listening to music on the PC.

Learning Objectives

In the end, students will know about: - Sound intensity, frequency scale, audiogram, tone sweep, human ear, and frequency equalizers. Decibels.


Young people are using earbuds when they listen to music on smart phones. Some of these are turning the volume up too much, and it is expected, that the smart phone generation will suffer from hearing abilities from an early age. To identify the seriousness of the problem it could be interesting to measure audiograms from a high school class, so the students can have a picture of the problem, change habit, and turn down the volume when they listen to smart phones. Measuring family members as well, could start a dialog about hearing ability problems, and discuss how to prevent them to get worse.