Machine learning using TensorFlow

Affiliation: Student
Resolution: Individual | Duration: Two to four hours



The purpose of the problem is to familiarize students with the concept of Machine Learning and specifically with the field of Neural Networks. Students will learn the basic usage of TensorFlow which is one of the most powerful open source libraries that helps you develop and train Machine learning models.

Learning Objectives

Students who will try to solve this problem will develop their skills in Machine Learning and will be accustomed to basic concepts such as: - Data preprocessing - Creating and importing libraries - Identifying the type of problem they need to solve - Creating and evaluating Neural Networks


This problem is appropriate for Electrical and Computer Engineers, Computer Science and Informatics Systems. This tool can be used for various courses such as Neural Networks, Data Science, Data Mining, Statistics and Machine Learning. Of course, in the end of solving this problem students will develop their skills and will be able to tackle various problems by finding the appropriate algorithm.