Teaching Software Modelling with Source code and Software Behaviors

Affiliation: University of Malaya
Resolution: Group | Duration: Two to four hours



To make students with non computer science background to understand the relation between modelling of a control flow, the source code, and how these will effect the software behaviour.

Learning Objectives

Learning objective: Upon completing the assignment, the students will be able: 1. to understand control flow within a python source code. 2. to analyze the sequence of function influence on control flow. 3. to produce software modelling


This activity is designed for students that are new to software modelling and programming. In order model a software, student must have good understanding the relation between requirements and source code. Firstly, students run the existing source code and discuss about the control flow of the system. Then, students are required to switch the sequence of functions within the python source code, and run the program to explore the changes of control flow within the software.