Teaching Project Risk Management using Lego Mindstorm

Affiliation: University of Malaya
Resolution: Group | Duration: Two to four hours



To make students understand the concept of risk in project management.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing the assignment, the students will be able: 1. To understand the concept of risk in Information Technology Project; 2. To understand the different between technical risk and project management risk (in relation to cost, schedule, scope, quality, resource, communication, procurement, and stakeholders). 3. To produce risk registry.


This activity is designed for students to have grasp on the concept of risk. Firstly, students run the existing code of LEGO mindstorm, and place the LEGO mind storm on the paper with a blueprint of an environment (i.e, parkwith lake). Students need to discuss about the uncertainty of the source code that leads to jeopardising the LEGO mindstorm if it is placed on the paper with a different blue print (i.e, building with stairs). Then, for each uncertainty, students are required to discuss how to avoid/reduce impact.