Learn the function of a photonic microscope

Affiliation: Hellenic Open University
Resolution: Individual, Group
Duration: Two to four hours



The microscope is a fundamental instrument for studying microorganisms, cells and tissues It also constitutes a basic tool for any kind of practice in the field of biology. For the purpose of this activity is to teach students the correct use of the microscope through the virtual OnLabs learning environment (https://sites.google.com/site/onlabseap/onlabseap/) developed by the Hellenic Open University. The activity allows students to observe and familiarize themselves with various asepcts of an educational photonic microscope ’s functions , before they actually use it in a lab context for observing specimens.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the activity students will have a good understanding of the functionality of the photonic microscope. They will be familiar with the following activities: - Microscope installation and connection - Use the microscope interface to focus on and review specimens and specifically to focus, to magnify, to look through the microscope occulars, to adjust the aperture by configuring the diaphragm, and more


The OnLabs digital application has been designed for use for initial training of students in the functionality of a biology lab. The application can be deployed before the students actually enter the lab in order to familiarize them with the basic functionality of vital equipment, such as the photonic microscope. Once students master the basic functionality of the microscope through the digital application, they will be able to use the actual equipment in the physical lab. The application aims to contain training costs by helping build student skills through a safe, high fidelity virtual environment that accurately simulates real world lab conditions.