Falling Words – Typing Game

Affiliation: University Of Thessaly
Resolution: Individual, Group
Duration: Less than an hour



The reason why we created this game with my team is to help, as much as possible, Greeks (mainly students) to learn the correct spelling of words, and also to help them learn to type faster. In addition, our game includes a list of English words, so that those who do not know Greek, have the above advantages too.

Learning Objectives

The main advantage of our game, is that whoever plays this game, will have the opportunity to improve the spelling of words that are likely to be misspelled by him. The more he plays, the more he will learn to type faster and faster on his computer.


It is a galaxy themed game. The player must type the word that falls correctly, as quickly as possible, to see the score counter rise on the right side of the screen. If he does not achieve this, then he will lose, and then he will have to start the game from the beginning. We basically emphasized the result that will bring to the person who plays the game. Game Designers: PETROGIANNI ANTONIA PANAGIOTOU LEFKI-IOANNA KOUTSONI ELENI TAGARA ZOI KOTTI MARKELLA-EFTHYMIA MAVROMATI GALATEIA