Evaluating a Mobile Game

Affiliation: UCLan
Resolution: Individual, Group
Duration: Two to four hours



The activity encourages students to evaluate an mobile game. During the activity students will explore the different methodologies available to evaluate a mobile game and conduct an evaluation. The goal of this activity is to expose students to evaluating a mobile game and understand some usability evaluation methods. The goal is to build knowledge and skills through the analysis and critique of methods with the practical experience of conducting an evaluation.

Learning Objectives

Students will gain an understanding of evaluation methods Students will develop practical skills in usability evaluation of mobile games.


The context is the evaluation of mobile games. The activity takes place in the context of a games development or software engineering course. Students must apply classic software engineering methods, Human Computer Interaction techniques to be able to select a suitable evaluation method and carry out the evaluation. The evaluation will take place after the technique has been selected, the evaluation has been planed out.