Affiliation: University Of Thessaly
Resolution: Individual, Group
Duration: One to two hours



This software system can be used by an analyst to be able to draw conclusions about energy consumption over time. Indicatively, an analyst would like to know the answers to questions such as (a) what time of the day is the laundry room consumption maximum? (b) which period of the year / month is the minimum / maximum heating consumption? (c) if the energy consumption in the kitchen, changes depending on the day of the week. Because we have measurements per second, analysts are interested in extracting statistics from them. We value (a) the sum or (b) the average consumption price per time period. So, for example, the analyst could ask for "for each month, average consumption value for each of the 3 measurements of the house" or as another example, the 3 measurements of the house ”. Our application refers to analysts and to people who want to use it in their own houshold.

Learning Objectives

In a time of ecological crisis, the environment needs our respect, which is why we place great value on improving the ecological consciousness of all. We based our design on improving the energy footprint of every household.


The first page that the user who visits the application sees contains: 1. The Load File button that allows the user to upload the file with the data to be processed. 2. The Create Statistics button which allows the user to select the statistics he wants to calculate based on the data he has selected in the previous button (Load File). 3. The Generate Report button which exports the statistical results requested in the previous step to a type file between HTML, TXT, MD. 4. The Reports History button which includes the list of all reports that the user has requested in the past. 5. The Exit button that terminates the operation of the application. App Designers: PETROGIANNI ANTONIA PANAGIOTOU LEFKI-IOANNA KOUTSONI ELENI VOULGARIS CHRISTOS