Affiliation: University of Thessaly
Resolution: Individual, Group
Duration: Less than an hour, One to two hours



The goal of the activity is to encourage students to develop an adventure game on data structures and algorithms. After finishing the game, the students will be able to: - Encourage youth to develop a deeper consideration of the systems that deliver us power. - Identify the best algorithm considering on the various obstacles in the area. - Understand the different algorithms of a flow network - Understand the definition o flow network.

Learning Objectives

The aim is to: - Learn the different types and the complexity of the data structures and the algorithms. - understand the importance of flow network. - learn the use of data structures. - develop a deeper consideration about the methodology of flow network. -Discover the significance of benefits by using flow network and data structures. - Understand the beneficiary role of data structures.


This task is intended for an introductory pre-graduate programming course in any school related to engineering and information technology. It aims to teach new engineers the basic concepts of data structures and to reinforce their critical thinking and problem solving skills while doing that in a fun way. In the game, the students must help the beaver go to his home by solving the different algorithm flows efficiently.