Data Analysis Using Matlab

Affiliation: University of Thessaly
Resolution: Individual | Duration: One to two hours



The main goal of the problem is the understanding of basic principles of Numerical Analysis using Matlab. In this way students can understand and implement in practice like algorithms: Gauss elimination, LU factorization, and many more. Moreover, the use of Matlab give the opportunity to students to get an introduction to object oriented languages.

Learning Objectives

- Understanding the mathematical methods in the field of numerical analysis - Understanding of the implementation on a computer and the difficulties in doing so - Understanding of using of high-level computer languages (interpreted language) - Acquire an ease in programming general


This problem is in the field of Numerical Analysis which belongs in undergraduate course programs: - Informatics and computer science - Math, Physics and applied sciences - Polytechnical - Biology, Biotechnology and Medicine This subject, in general, is a core requirement for every scientist. The main goal of the subject is the understanding of numerical methods which will be used to solve numerical problems efficiently (usually involving data matrices). Also, a second purpose is the implementation on computers and the difficulties in doing so.