Affiliation: TU Gabrovo
Resolution: Group | Duration: One to two hours



The objective of the assignment is to enable students to select the suitable cutting tool depending on the material and processed surface of the initial work piece.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this assignment the students will: • know the basic geometric components of both one-piece cutting tools and those with carbide tips; • be able to differentiate cutting tools depending on the processed surface and initial work piece material; • know the types of carbide tips, symbols for their indication and the way they are installed on holders; • know the symbols for indication of holders according to the selected carbide tip and work piece processed surface; • be able to install the cutting tools they have selected on the cutting tool holders of both universal lathes and CNC lathes.


Cutting tools are tools used for processing frontal, external and internal surfaces of revolution by machining. To obtain work piece surfaces of good quality, the proper tool selection is of vital importance. There are standards and electronic catalogues for selecting tools.