COVID 19 Pandemics

Resolution: Group | Duration: More than four hours



The objective of this project is to develop a serious game to raise the awareness about the current COVID-19 pandemic. The game can focus on the actions to prevent the progress of the infection, the progress of the pandemic, the actual biological mechanisms of the viral infection, etc.

Learning Objectives

After doing this project, students will be able to: - Understand the mechanisms of viral infection - Understand the protective measures to be taken to prevent viral infection - Understand and identify concepts, methods and processes for game idealization, design and development - Understand, identify and select concepts, methods and processes for serious game idealization, design and development - Select, analyse and use specific environments and tools for game and serious game development - Conceive, design, implement, test and evaluate a serious game


The current pandemic has lead to a big loss of lifes and affected normal life in many ways. It is important that everyone understands the causes and potential effects of the disease, how the infection progresses and how one can protect him/herself to prevent further spread of the disease.