Circuit designing in Multisim/ Multisim Live

Affiliation: University of Thessaly
Resolution: Individual | Duration: One to two hours



Students will be able to introduce themselves in basic circuit designing by using Multisim or Multisim Live. The activities that can be given to the students are several circuits to be designed, some easier and some more complicated. In other words, by using this digital platform, the students will be introduced to digital circuit designing, and help themselves in learning more information about digital designing. Furthermore, they will be habituated to digital designing and be given the chance to practise anytime through their computer, withouta having certain instruments or a lab. To conclude, it would be a good opportunity to combine the typical old-fashioned learning programs with digital education.

Learning Objectives

As we said before, students will be asked to design and analyze several circuits. So, they will be habituated to circuit analyzing, by making measurements of the voltage or the current intensity. As the time passes by, they will be able to design and analyze more complicated circuits and deeply understand the science of electrical engineering.


The problem we are about to create is about designing and analyzing circuits. The students will be asked to create circuits and make measurements that will be sent to the tutor.