Building Web applications using PHP

Resolution: Group | Duration: Two to four hours



To introduce students with basic PHP scripting language and how to build a simple web application that could be deployed in the Apache web server.

Learning Objectives

LO 1. Understanding how web servers (Apache) work LO 2. Understanding PHP Syntax through examples LO 3. Creating HTML web pages and linking them with PHP LO 4. Deploying and testing web applications on Apache


This problem is a part of a course about web application development with PHP. This course introduces students with HTML and PHP scripting language. The students are further shown how to use the language, how it integrates with HTML and the Bootstrap framework, how it helps connect and manipulate databases contents and how Ajax perfectly fits to make web content asynchronously dynamic with JQuery. The course further looks at implementing security on PHP web applications. After finishing this section, student will understand the role of web server; how to install and run the Apache web server (XAMPP); and how to create a simple application using PHP. The section also refreshes the students how the request-response mechanism works.