Build digital skills for work

Affiliation: University of Thessaly
Resolution: Individual, Group
Duration: One to two hours, Two to four hours



The goal of this activity is to develop digital skills for work. It does not necessarily address programming skills, but rather the use of digital tools and applications for executing tasks in a professional or individual setting.

Learning Objectives

The activity involves the use of the EMPLOY digital application for developing digital skills for work and personal or individual setting. Upon completing the activity, students will be able to deploy common digital tools for executing work activities, including such as using spreadsheets, email, file management software, internet browsers, and more. The application has been designed for use by novices on ICT and aims to enrich awareness of the skills that an individual needs to have today in order to perform simple everyday and professional tasks through digital tools and services.


According to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs the knowledge economy is expected to drive economic growth in Europe in the near future. Over 90% of jobs are expected to require digital skills. European initiatives such as the New Skills for New Jobs Agenda and ET2020 highlight the necessity of connecting skills built in formal and informal education to work requirements, emphasizing in this context the importance of digital competencies. There is a need for interventions in education and training practices towards strengthening the digital skill profiles of individuals at risk of exclusion with an emphasis on the next generation. EMPLOY aims at building digital skills for deployment in professional or everyday life settings. This includes the deployment of popular digital tools that are useful in fulfilling work tasks. The proposed application has the form of a digital learning game that educators may deploy in the context of wider activities, often as introductory material that builds awareness among students on the need to develop digital literacy.