A travel from the earth to out of space

Resolution: Group
Duration: Two to four hours, More than four hours



To picturize,1) the connection between outer space and a meter scale in 10X m, 2) the velocity of a space ship which is moving away from earth approaching the velocity of light c 3), space ship time and earth time. To picturize, the size of a biological cell, a molecule and an atom with scales in 10-X meter

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to: 1) To learn about the outer space structure, names of places and distances to earth 2) To learn about the most basic concepts of the Special Relativity Theory 3) To get an understanding of the size of the microstructures from cells to atomic nucleus


Human beings have mastered techniques to build telescopes to see into outer space, and microscope techniques to look into cells, & molecules and build models for the structure of an atom. However, it could be interesting to get an idea of the big range in meters, we can see and imagine of existing objects. Furthermore, travelling to outer space requires a tremendous lot of time to reach the far regions. Therefore, we need a Space Shuttle and accelerate it to a velocity approaching the speed of light. Doing this dimensions and time changes compared to the situation on earth. It could be interesting to demonstrate this quite unfamiliar behaviour in an understandable way.