Using Robots to sort objects according to color

ដំណោះស្រាយ៖ ក្រុម | រយៈពេល៖ ច្រើនជាងបួនម៉ោង



To help students design, build and program a robotic system that can identify at least three different colors of LEGO elements and sort them into separate locations.


In the end, students will be able to: - Understand that larger systems can be made from smaller systems or subsystems - Understand that sensor data can control systems using feedback - Understand that robots that sort objects are production technology - Know how to write a program to control the color sensing and sorting movement


The use of robotics as an educational tool is growing in popularity. Advances in technology have resulted in the development of generic robotic construction kits for use in grade school (K-12) environments. Designing a robot to do even a simple task can place extensive demands on students’ individual creativity and problem-solving abilities. At the same time, the learning context allows students to work in a constructionist, collaborative learning environment that promotes the sharing of ideas.