School usage of PBL in Greece

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    Kyriakakis VasiliosKyriakakis Vasilios

    Problem based learning (PBL) is not used in the majority of classes in the Greek education system, whether that be in elementary schools or in universities. Even in subjects where PBL is the natural way of teaching the subject, such as in IT, students are expected to learn definitions by heart and never use what they’ve learned in order to solve a problem. In other subjects, when students are given exercises as homework, they are strictly defined and everything that the students will need to solve them is given to them beforehand.

    In order for school to become a better learning place for students, alternative teaching methods such as PBL should be used wherever possible. For instance, in IT subjects students could be given assignments asking them to figure out how to do something on the computer, instead of telling them how to do it and then walking them through it. If students are taught programming, they could be asked to sort an array so that they’ll come up with their own algorithm, instead of asking them to implement an already existing one. Problem based learning and gamification is also highly effective in math [1]; students could be given problems to solve without explicitly telling them the methodology in the lesson before.


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