Problems of using Games for Problem Based Learning

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    Using games as educational tools set new challenges for the educators. This challenges are not only only of how to design but also on how to implement them in classrooms. Classrooms consist of students with different intelligence capabilities , experiences and previous knowledge. The developers need to create games that is easy for all learners to understand. The learners firstly need to understand the rules and secondly the goal of the game. Children tend to lose their interest easily, for that reason educators need to intrigue children curiosity and keep the game always entertaining. Additionally it is important to enhance students creativity and free thinking.
    People and especially children tend to be very competitive among them. In case of a the single player game, if players feel that they are failing ,they tend to lose interest and stress to succeed on the contrary, the best players maybe develop narcissistic and arrogant behavior. In case of a team-player game the teams may be unbalanced. To clarify the above statement it has been noticed that some times members of a team contribute unequally to the effort of achieving the goal. Furthermore the human nature of self-promotion may result some members to try become the “leader” of their teams having as outcome the repudiation of the other members’ opinions. It has to be clear that the only leader is the teacher but also that every opinion of every student counts equally.

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