Why A.I. is useful for the education industry

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    Personalized learning

    There is a high chance you have experiences personalised search results on google, advertisements with things similar to your liking on facebook and video recommendations on youtube. The same technology can be (and it is) applied to teaching. In the traditional systems lessons are made to cater the average student while leaving out the students that have difficulties following and also the ones that are struggling to attain their full potential. When A.I. is introduced it gives teachers the ability to perform much better by offering personalized recommendations to each pupil. A.I. can offer customized assignments and exams, helping all different students to unlock their full potential while also providing them with the best assistance possible. Instant feedback plays a really big role since it creates a better and stronger interaction between the student and the teacher, allowing the first to get quick responses, corrections and personalised guidance from the second

    Smart content
    This is a very interesting subject. Nowadays A.I. can produce similar quality content for different types of students. Everything is getting digitized, from video lectures and conferences to customized textbooks with media and tests for different subjects. Teachers and create tailored content using A.I. tools and also reach students by distributing this content through any smart device.

    New capabilities
    With the evolution of A.I. and I.T. in general new capabilities appear. Data modeling from faculty can allow future planning. School cafeterias can make predictions on food consumption – based on specific factors – saving a lot of otherwise wasted food. Students can be assigned on different classes more efficiently. Smart devices can replace the standard books and textbooks making schools less wastefull in general while also driving education costs down. The possibilities are endless.

    Simplifying tedious tasks
    Teachers and academic institutions won’t have to spend time on tedious tasks like assessing homework or grading. Those can be automated through A.I. freeing valuable time from the professors that now can be given to students according to their specific needs, rather than wasting long hours to correct the same mistakes over and over.

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