How A.I. is Changing Teaching: Personalized Learning

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    George AtzemianGeorge Atzemian

    Personalized education proves more successful than making everyone learn the same things. It allows for a better learning experience which is an important factor on the very competitive e-learning market. Truly personalized courses bring better results, so students’ motivation stays high, and they continue education. Personalized learning can be implemented into any type of course, be it improving professional skills, higher education, or self-development. Offer personalization is one of the factors that affect the customer’s decision to continue or abandon an online experience.

    With AI, adaptive learning environments can further improve to offer an exceptional learning experience for all students. Adaptive learning environments are defined by Pearson as:

    A digital learning environment that adapts teaching and learning approaches and materials to the capabilities and needs of individual learners.

    Adaptive learning responds to the student’s needs, putting greater emphasis on certain topics, repeating things the students need to improve, and helping them learn at their own pace. Many students find bad pacing of online courses to be a problem and personalized learning solves this issue by adapting to the individual needs of a student.

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