Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in education for schools and teachers

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    Papadouli VassilinaPapadouli Vassilina

    There are lots of advantages of usage Artificial Intelligence in schools not only for students, but also for the teachers and schools as well, here are some of them:
    Ability to detect weaknesses:
    The ability to detect weaknesses in various spheres of a training course. For instance, Coursera notifies teachers when the majority of students gave incorrect answer on a question. It shows what material they should concentrate on.
    Deep involving into the education process:
    It can be achieved with an engagement of various computer materials, Virtual Reality technology, gamification and machine knowledge control.

    The same algorithms allow to detect strengths of a pupil and hidden talents, which he can develop.

    Curriculum automatic creation:
    Development of Artificial Intelligence for education sphere brings one more advantage for school and teachers. Now, they don’t need to create the educational program from scratch and to search for the needed materials. The system processes training materials thusly, improving the effectiveness of a teacher.

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