A.I. in educational systems

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    Athanasios PolAthanasios Pol

    The concept of artificial intelligence implemented in modern educational methods as well as problem-based-learning has revolutionized the way people gain new knowledge and skills. Artificial Intelligence is a set of algorithms and methodologies that perform cognitive tasks and complex data proccessing enabling the machine to make decisions on its own as well as to learn new patterns by itself.

    Considering the educational field of study A.I. has proven useful for a wide variety of reasons. First of all, an A.I system focuses on identifying what a student does and doesn’t know through diagnostic testing and then developing personalized curricula based on each student’s specific needs. This concept is of high importance because every person is unique and so he/she has his/her own talents in the educational process. Moreover, teachers cannot always pay attention to every student inside a classroom, so A.I. helps dealing with this situation. It allows teachers to keep track of each of their students progress individually.

    In PBL projects done by a group of students, if A.I is used it will evaluate the perfomance of each student within the group, his collaboration capabilities with others. It can also point out the team’s potency and suggest similar projects that they can effectively deal with.

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