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    Software modelling has been given less attention in software development especially in Malaysia. Therefore, developers facing difficulty to maintain the software and evolve the software in the future. The possible reason is due to the difficulty to extract and abstract the software requirements at the early stage of software development. The questions that remain open are How to give awareness of the effect of not having a proper software modelling to the developers? How to fasten up the process of software modelling so that the developers will not feeling ‘wasting time’?



    I think modeling can be used in 2 context at least:
    1. For documentation purposes.. If someone need to understand a computerized system and yet they weren’t involved with the development of the system, then reading documentation containing description of systems in the form of modeling diagrams would make them faster to understand the system. In contrast if they have to read the program codes, it would take more time to understand.

    2. Models can be used to automatically generate programming codes and therefore, automatically generate a functional system. Can skip programming, only need to model. I think there are already tools like this.

    Raja Jamilah.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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