Turn your Smart Phone into a 175-400x microscope

Design and construct a microscope and find objects from physics and biology to study and get more insight.
How is a light microscope designed?
How can you built a microscope using a Smart Phone?
Which components do you need?
Which small objects can be used for a meaningful investigation?

Project goals:
To explain the basics of a microscope. 
A microscope set-up for a Smart Phone to magnify and record the behaviour of objects from 175 to 400x
Examples of usage from biology and/or physics.

Learning objectives:  
In the end students will be able to:
– Know how to build a microscope
– Know what biological cells and physical structures are
and their sizes
– Know about printing quality and color theory.

Situated context of the problem:
State of the art Smartphone functionality includes a 10x magnifying glass app. However, a microscope is often needed in Biology and Physics to investigate cells and small objects such as coated cobber wires, colour fragments in printed-paper or modern LCD displays in computers and smart phones. Exploiting the advanced lenses and video technologies in Smart Phones, it should be investigated how to expand the functionality to include a microscope.

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