Digital Identity

Discover through activities what is a digital identity and how to protect it.

Project goals:
To help students to understand the concept of digital identity. They will achieve a 3-step process, where they first search for information about Mr X., a fictional person created by the teacher, then look for information about themselves to see how much of their digital identity is exposed and finally learn how to protect their digital identity.

Learning objectives:
In the end, student will be able to:
– Learn of how to search Internet efficiently
– Know about digital identity and it’s problematics
– Learn about current digital legislation

Situated context of the problem:
In today’s digital world, everyone leaves a certain amount of information about themselves on the Internet, with the data either produced by them or entered by others. All those fragments of information put together constitute a digital identity which, especially where that information is publicly available, can be used by others to discover that person’s civil identity. In this sense, a digital identity is a version, or facet, of a person’s social identity. The ramifications of the concept of digital identities, both legal and social, are a complex and challenging topic.

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