Teaching Bubble sort

Chi nhánh: Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya.
Độ phân giải: Nhóm | Thời lượng: Một đến hai giờ

Tổng quat

Bàn thắng

Students should understand how the sorting process is performed using the Bubble sort technique.

Mục tiêu học tập

At the end of the lesson, student should be able to: 1. Understand how bubble sort algorithms works 2. Apply the computational thinking in understanding the algorithm 3. Implement the Program code of the bubble sort algorithms

Bối cảnh

Although sorting exists as a built-in library in most programming languages, the process of thinking the possible algorithm to sort numbers is essential as an exercise to solve programming problems. The flow of the steps needs to be taught of and translated to the instruction for the computer in a certain language. The process of thinking relates to Computational Thinking.