Chi nhánh: TU Gabrovo
Độ phân giải: Nhóm | Thời lượng: Một đến hai giờ

Tổng quat

Bàn thắng

The objective is to study the probability theory and mathematical statistics by applying a modern approach of teaching/learning – namely some applications of computational mathematics systems (Мaple, MathCad, Excel and Mathematica)

Mục tiêu học tập

Upon completion of this task the students will be able to: • use the applications of computational mathematics systems Мaple, MathCad, Excel and Mathematica to solve engineering problems in probability theory and mathematical statistics; • become aware of scientific research.

Bối cảnh

The knowledge acquired by means of CMS has a universal character which leads to developing special key competences “mastery of CMS”. Moreover, both the motivation and interest in learning mathematics grow, a need for reflection and self-control arises, as well as the performance improves.