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    This group will discuss the prospects of and techniques for gamifying problem- and project-based learning. Gamification refers to adding playful and game-like elements into the learning process, including such elements as competition, rewards, and achievements. When done well, gamification can boost learners’ motivation, improve information retention, and facilitate social skills. Research, however, indicates that adopting an overly simplistic and mechanistic view of gamification does little to accomplish any of these things. As such, a platform to share knowledge and experience pertaining to using gamified methods in the classroom could be pivotal for educational institutions seeking to use this approach effectively.


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    I would like to share this journal article – Gamification Solutions to Enhance Software User
    Engagement—A Systematic Review
    It can be a reference to students when they are doing the projects etc…


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    Would avatars make sense to be used in PBL? I am skeptical, but this seems to be the first thing after points, to be implemented as gamification

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