Circuit Lab Simulator

សម្ព័ន្ធភាព៖ Undergraduate Student at University of Thessaly, Greece
ដំណោះស្រាយ៖ Individual, Group
រយៈពេល៖ One to two hours, More than four hours



By the usage of Circuit Lab Simulator ( during courses we aim to encourage students to learn through experimentation and observation. Circuit Lab does not need special equipment and facilities only a PC and for some functions Internet connection. As a result, it is easy to experiment and learn about electric circuit almost anywhere.


The theoretical lectures will be accompanied by schematics and live experimentation in order to visually observe changes and answer students' questions that occur during theory lectures. Also the students will be called to create their own schematics and simulation as part of homework and Lab Courses. The students will be able to learn about electric circuit starting with simple (RLC) and advancing to more complex (Transformers, MOSFETs).


The current learning procedures is based to handwriting solving mathematical equations and expecting results. We believe that in depth understanding need the people to see through visual experimentation their mistakes in order learn. This proposal aims mainly the courses of Circuit Electronics and Advanced Circuit Electronics (3rd Semester ECE211, 5th Semester ECE323)* *