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    • The category report offers to many choices.
    • No validation until you get to the end. The publish button should probably just appear on the final page once all is complete.
    • Difficult to find problems in the system when search as there are lots of problems. Difficult to see at a glance all the projects.
    • Might be nice to rate the problems or provide additional feedback once someone has used one in a class on how it could be improved. For example if I have produced a problem and someone is using this and has feedback this could be provided within the system.
    • Editing a problem. It would be useful if you could edit from my problems as well as edit problems. I did notice this at the top but only after my second visit to the page 😊.


    Suggestion: a. There has to be a Prerequisite section with every problem to declare the ones eligible to solve the problem. B. There has to be some rating system for the problem submitters to enhance their level with every submission, just to motivate the users.
    Problem search should be made available to the users to choose problems relevant to their course/subject without browsing into all of the uploaded problems.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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