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    Andreas MavrisAndreas Mavris

    Project-based learning is also important when it comes to in-demand topics of the future like programming, artificial intelligence or augmented reality. Learning with practical projects is the only way to fully understand such topics and then be able to use that knowledge in a professional setting.

    While project-based learning is an important step in the improvement of the professional development industry, another way is the incorporation of the blockchain. Education Ecosystem is using blockchain tokenization as a means of improving professional development. While we are also using the project-based learning method, our primary method of improving the industry is through Education tokens; a reward for learners in the ecosystem as well as the instructors who create projects.

    Many online courses have a free component or are very cheap when compared to the cost of a college class. Tokenization allows students who complete courses to be rewarded with tokens for their progress. Even instructors who make these courses are sometimes unhappy with how much they are paid for the courses they offer on other online education platforms. Education Ecosystem plans to solve these problems through the Education token. The more projects an individual completes or the more high quality projects an instructor creates, the more tokens they are rewarded. Even though the token is a utility token for use on the LiveEdu platform, it can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges just like bitcoin, meaning students get paid for learning and instructors get an added bonus for teaching. Education tokens (LEDU) can be currently bought on the Bibox and cryptocurrency exchanges.



    Thanks for this information. Educational tokens are interesting to explore. I think to extend this idea, we could move to the concept of micro-credentials. Users/students can get token after going through a set of modules. When they accumulate these tokens, they can have a degree from an identified university/ institute / organization?

    This idea is very interesting.

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