Visualizing student understading with Socrative

Δεσμός: Department of Electrical and Computer Egnineering, University of Thessaly
Ανάλυση: Ατομο | Διάρκεια: Λιγότερο από μία ώρα



The goal of using Socrative is to monitor and evaluate students' learning process and to provide immediate feedback to educators so they can manage their time in class more effectively.

Στόχοι μάθησης

While using the app, students will understand better the lesson and at the same time they will be able to pinpoint possible queries or difficulties. They, also, have the opportunity to actively participate in the classroom, as well as to cooperate with each other in order to succeed in group assignments.


Socrative is focusing on providing a very effective but fun way to keep track of students' attention and understanding during class. I t runs on any major digital device (smartphone, tablet, laptop and computer) and platform and is completely free for students. The teachers can use quizzes, quick questions and fun activities to help their students understand more easily the subject of the lesson while they get an immediate feedback. The first step for the teacher, is to create a quiz, a virtual room and share with the students the unique code so they can join the room. The log in is easy and only requires a name or a student ID number, depending on the teacher's choice. During the test, the results are automatically graded and are shown directly to the teacher's monitor as the answers are submitted. As a result, the educator can have a clear picture of his students' level and adjust his lesson according to their needs.