Multi-Digital Design!

Δεσμός: University of Thessaly, Greece, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ανάλυση: Individual, Group
Διάρκεια: Περισσότερες από τέσσερις ώρες



Digital design is one of the most important courses in electrical engineering schools. As its name suggests, this course can not stand only in theory. Multisim is a complete environment for simulating the behavior of analog and digital circuits and is a member of a larger family of design programs in the field of automated circuit design (Electronics Design Automation (EDA)). By using Multisim during the learning process students will be able to understand the functions of digital gates, transistors and chips, which are difficult to understand only in theory.

Στόχοι μάθησης

Multisim is widely used by both academics and industry. It has all the necessary tools for fast, efficient and reliable design, study and simulation of electrical and electronic circuits as well as the ability to export drawings for the creation of printed circuits (Printed Circuit Board - PCB) using the NI Ultiboard program.


Computers, networks (such as the Internet), and telecommunications are all now made up of microelectronic chips, the vast majority of which are digital. Multisim will enable them to work in a realistic environment and become familiar with digital circuits.