Chi nhánh: University of Thessaly (UTH)
Độ phân giải: Cá nhân | Thời lượng: Một đến hai giờ

Tổng quat

Bàn thắng

Problem published by: Zaharouli Theano Network-Simulator 3 provides an open source simulation platform networks for the study and development of simulation scenarios for the field of telecommunications and networks. Using NS-3 students will learn how to build computer network simulations using generator models protocols such as TCP / IP, devices and channels such as Wi-Fi and LTE, and analyze the results.

Mục tiêu học tập

Students who will be involved in problem solving will develop their skills in network simulation for internet systems where the kernel and its models simulations have been implemented in C ++ for the purpose of studying and developing scenarios simulation for the telecommunications and networks sector.

Bối cảnh

The problem is mainly addressed to students who want to deal with telecommunications and networks and aim to enrich their knowledge on simulation of discrete event networks, which can evaluate the overall behavior of a network as well as to calculate the interaction between the different components of a network, such as routers, packets, physical connections using different mathematical models.